Ann Aguirre, Blue Diablo

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Kit Harington by Tomo Brejc.

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my day after being forced to get out of bed early:


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I’m all proud of myself for having a good first work week and being adult and then I realize I’m reblogging a cactus with sunglasses at 1am #baby steps 5 | reblog


matching icons for you and your friends

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She got that thot heartbeat

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Still reading Dubliners. A book composed of short stories which weave together a heart of a city. The intimacy these stories hold within them, the way one could identify with each character, and the simple stories which behind them lies the complexity of daily life makes this book a heartwarming read. 

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Lenny Kravitz :: The Chamber (2014) (x)

If you ever had eye contact with is man, you would never be the same. Lol

Shiiiit I wish

i think i’m pregnant

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A warm human plumpness settled down on his brain. His brain yielded. Perfume of embraces all him assailed. With hungered flesh obscurely, he mutely craved to adore. James Joyce, Ulysses (via jamofalifetime)
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Valerie by Amy Winehouse



amy winehouse // valerie

Stop making a fool out of me

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If you think women are crazy you’ve never had a dude go from hitting on you to literally threatening to kill you in the time it takes you to say “no thanks.”

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Well this is fucking surreal

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Someone said it

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So true.

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My tattoo from my favorite poem of all time, T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.” 

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Today in Solidarity: DC turns up and turns out again in support of #JusticeforMikeBrown

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