Scientists find poverty literally makes kids sicker

According to a study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, children from unstable, low-income homes are genetically predisposed to poor health. The researchers studied the DNA of 40 9-year-old African-American boys from stressful, disadvantaged backgrounds, and compared them with the DNA of boys with the same age and ethnicity who came from privileged families.
What they found was shocking: The environmental stress that the boys in the former group were exposed to changed their genetic material. The premature aging of their telomeres left them more vulnerable to physical and mental illness; those who had a genetic sensitivity to dopamine and serotonin — the neurochemicals associated with happiness and pleasure — were at even greater risk.
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Georgia O’Keeffe - Music Pink and Blue No. 2, 1918

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I am overwhelmed with things I ought to have written about and never found the proper words. Virginia Woolf, The Diary of Virginia Woolf, Vol. 1: 1915-1919 (via introspectivepoet)


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Why is it people always get so upset about Affirmative Action but not about legacies? For some reason we’re ok with the historically advantaged having a leg-up over the rest of us, but not the historically disenfranchised. One of the best comment about Affirmative Action I’ve seen (found in response to this article)

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Some claim that evolution is just a theory, as if it were merely an opinion.

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Yaya Alafia Dacosta has joined the long line of celebrity mothers who are attempting to normalize nursing by posting photos of themselves breastfeeding on Instagram.

I swear this woman is perfect.

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English has more than 150 ways to say “drunk” but people complain about more queer identities getting names.

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Download over 250 art books for free here

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